Apples new lineup


Apple has got some new toys. After last years disappointing lineup update is it better this year?

Disclaimer: This is solemly based on the prices and offers at

I am currently using a company provided macbook and I must say that it has grown on me.


It is not the most expensive thing out there but i love it because of the form factor and the amazing screen. The screen in particular is amazing for work because it uses a 16:10 and not a 16:9 aspect ration, only rivaled by the MS surface with an aspect ration of 3:2.

So after long deliberation I wanted to get one for myself, to call my own. And after almost settling for a model last year the new models were announced accompanied by a significant price jump that. This jump in price was the sole thing that held me back.

But now it seams that they have gotten around to fixing this minor issue.

Do not get me wrong. A mac is still expensive, but you get quite good worth for your money.

Will I finally pick up a mac of my own? Who knows. But in the mean time.

Lets take a little look at what they got:


Here the main difference is the HDD storage space. Now you will get a 256Gb SSD for 1.499,00 €. And the high-end model for 1.799,00 € has ditched the Intel M procesor in favour of a i5

Still only on USB type C / thunderbolt 3 connector and I think that a new color is available.

All in all this is quite a nice upgrade and you get a nice little machine for your money.

Macbook AIR

I think this is dead. The only one without a retina display.

Macbook PRO


The 2.0 GHz processor is gone! Replaced with a 2.3 GHz one. And there is an addition configuration without the touchbar.

This is still my preferred option, without the touchbar. While a good gimick I still feel like I could live without it, and maybe get some ram instead.


These are just expensive. Powerfull but expensive. And big, for my standards.



The minimum RAM has jumped to 8Gb, which is always a good thing. And there is still a non retina display version available for 1.299,00 €.

The rest of the offer is OK the only thing bothering me is that non of the preconfigured versions offers a SDD. You only get a FusionDrive for 1.699,00 €.


8Gb RAM across the range and Quad-Core i5 CPUs too. Here I think that we get another great price adjustment. The entry level 2.099,00 € will make you happy all the way.

I would suggest investing in a little RAM, aftermarket is still possible in this model, and a SSD would be nice.

But all in all you a nice package.

iMac PRO

Shinny…No price. But would expect it to reach 4k € easily.

And it is BLACK

Mac mini

No changes here although I was hopping for a nice offer.

Because UHD monitors are quite cheap nowadays.


No changes.


Apples hardware is still expensive. But if you are looking for hardware of the same quality you will find yourself stearing at the same numbers.

So in the end it is down to a question of taste and use.

You will not be able to join the “master race” with a mac.