we are back

hexo logo

We are back and this time on our own virtual server and HEXO!

Why hexo?

After spending some time figuring out how to make the new site more dynamic than the old one I came to the collusion that the only way of doing this is to incorporate some kind of CMS system.

This was something I wanted to avoid as much as possible. usually a CMS system is something that can do everything but nothing really fast. But I know that in the last couple of years a new bread of CMS system has come out. A bread of lightweight systems that put as little as possible between you and your page, but still deliver impressive support and functionality.

Trying a few of them I have settled on Hexo because it just somehow resonated with me. Build with nodeJs and requiring nothing on the server, because it generates static files. It was just what I was looking for.

All the internal workings of the engine are there for all to see and experiment with. The pluggable system architecture allows for limitless expansion without the initial fluff.

In other words:

It makes simple things simple and complicated things possible

I have got this thing working and deployed the first version. There are still things missing that have to be done.

But for today this is enough.